Romania to host inter-nations competition


In Bratislava, Slovakia, a working session took place attended byrepresentatives of Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and UNIF. The subject of the meeting was Romania's proposal for an international competition to be organized each year for national teams.  The proposal was discussed and adopted unanimously.

The president of the Futnet Romania Assiciation, Sorin Bogdan, supported theidea of setting up this competition, in order to promote the futnet, before the World Championship that Cluj will host in November this year.

Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia will play in a home&abroad system,in a team competition. A match will consist of two doubles, two singles and one triple, respecting the format used in the 2017 edition of the Romanian Championship.

This year, the 6 stages will take place in September and October, with the intention that the organizes parties in Romania will be broadcast live on anational TV station. It is not excluded that this idea of competition will develop, with UNIF's agreement, in the organization of an annual World Team Championship.

"I think it's a big step forward on the way to promoting futnet.Having hours of televised broadcasts, it will be easier for us to attract sponsors. Also, we found that team parties are very spectacular and, having a predefined duration, can be easier to enter the TV grid", Sorin Bogdandeclared at the end of meeting.

The Czech side has also advanced the idea of organizing a European competition between clubs, such as Men's Basketball Euroleague or Champions League.

Exact details are to be established shortly.


Futnet Romania