Futnet comes to Ivory Coast


Positive news has come from Ivory Coast about various futnet plans and activities taking place this year. With their request to visit this year’s World Championships and interest to become UNIF member, this is a promising sign that futnet has found its way into this West African country.

Futnet association has been founded, with Mr Pierre-Michel Zangbe becoming its President (in the picture left with one of the participants of a refereeing seminar). A seminar for referees was held in July and in August another seminar is planned, this time for coaches.

They have been in touch with Futnet Mali and Mr Guillaume Ortis, the coach of the national team of France. A membership application has been sent to UNIF which will be assessed by UNIF members at the Congress in Romania. Ivory Coast are interested in sending two delegates to the World Championships, hopefully, they can get visa.

We are happy to hear about these positive developments. Good luck to Ivory Coast in all their efforts and we hope to see their delegates at the World Championships in Romania!

Zuzana Vinanska
UNIF General Secretary