Romania's success in Nations Cup


Two games were played in September and October in Nations Cup, a new competition which this year includes top three teams in the world -  Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania - and Romania found success in both games against their biggest rivals.

On 1 September they played the Czech Republic in Cluj-Napoca and on 6 October they took on Slovakia in Salonta, winning both games (3:2 and 4:1, respectively).

Romania vs Slovakia WATCH HERE

In Nations League, a game consists of five matches: two single, two double, one triple.

The winner of a match is the team winning the first, 2 sets out of 3. All matches are played, at the end of the competition, the winning team is the team that collects the best score.

Five matches are played
in this order:

Match 1: Single A
Match 2: Double A
Match 3: Triple
Match 4: Single B
Match 5: Double B


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary