News from members and candidates


An overview of the latest developments from UNIF member associations and candidate countries. Today an update from two member states - Slovakia and Colombia - and a candidate for membership - Ivory Coast.

Slovak Cup celebrating 45 years of existence

On 23 February, Slovak Cup took place in the town of Martin with the participation of 12 teams from the whole of Slovakia. It was already 45th year of this competition in which teams play matches that consist of several games in doubles and triples.
Final ranking
1. NO KAC Košice
2. Slávia Trnava
3. NK Revúca
 4. NK Martin

Pictures from the Slovak Cup 2019

Futnet promotion in Colombia

Here is the information posted on the FB of Futnet Colombia about their successful promotion day at a French secondary school in the capital, Bogota.
Our experience in the French Lyceum Louis-Pasteur Bogota.
In the Olympic and Paralympic week organized by this school, we had the opportunity to promote Futnet, a sport that is also practiced in France and developed by the French Federation of Futnet.
After making an exhibition of the sport in its three categories, we organized a triple category Futnet tournament in which more than 20 teams signed up. Undoubtedly the Futnet is a sport that children enjoy regardless of age!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Soon we will be sharing the best moments of the tournament played by the students of the school.
Thanks to French Lyceum for such a nice experience!

Inter-school championship in Ivory Coast

An inter-school championship is taking place in one of UNIF candidate countries, Ivory Coast. Their futnet representatives have been very active since early last year, organising all kinds of events, tournaments, courses  etc. We are pleased to see yet another activity where futnet is promoted among young people. The inter-school championship consists of several tournaments and will reach its final stage on 8-9 March. Good luck!


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary