Exporting futnet to Benin


It has been several months since futnet trainings started in Benin thanks to the efforts of Mr Jaroslav Hruban, a Czech expatriate now living and working in this West African country.

Mr Hruban used to play futnet in the town of Kladno in central Czech Republic, took part in competitions and many tournaments. After he moved to Benin, he was keen on introducing this sport in his new home and opening a futnet section in a local sports association. He contacted Czech Futnet Association with a request fo some futnet equipment to help him get started. Czech representatives together with UNIF officials provided him the necessary equipment (4 balls, net, air pump) as well as a training DVD. 

According to the latest information from Mr Hruban, there are now nine people training regularly, most of them are footballers with a very good ball technique. There are plans to continue attracting new players and in mid-2013 to invite some important political and sports personalities, including the head of the regional government as well as the sports minister, to present them the new sport. It will be important to get their support to organise a several-day camp for coaches from various parts of Benin. One of the main long-term goals will be to set up a national futnet association in Benin.

We would like to thank Mr Hruban for doing a great job as an ambassador of futnet and we wish him all the best in his efforts to add a new country to our international futnet family. We hope that together with other African countries which are already UNIF members, they will be the pioneers of futnet development in Africa. 

Updated on 26 February:

First mini-tournament in double was organised in Benin on 16 February by Mr Jaroslav Hruban. His futnet activities were reported also to the Czech ambassador Mr Siro and Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Dub who visited the area. Photos from the tournament 

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