UNIF Club World Cup and Congress approaching


Two important events will take place in less than two weeks in the Czech towns of Brno and Modřice– UNIF Club World Cup on 16 and 17 May and UNIF Extraordinary General Assembly on 16 May.  

UNIF Club World Cup

1st edition of UNIF Club World Cup will bring together best clubs, mostly winners of national leagues, from 10 countries (and 3 continents): Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Switzerland and Ukraine. The Organising Committee originally received 12 applications, but the clubs from Ireland and Mali had to withdraw their applications due to injuries and visa problems, respectively. 

UNIF Club World Cup official website

In accordance with Team Guide issued by UNIF,  there are 6 teams seeded directly to the main tournament: 4 teams from Europe (according to the results of the last EFTA European Club Cup in Corsica 2012), 1 team from America and 1 from Asia. Other registered teams will compete in qualification out of which best two team advance to the main tournament. 

  • 1) Qualification (4 participants) – Friday, 16 May, Holubice
Europe / HUN - Kaposvar 
Europe / UKR - TC Golosievo Kyiv 
Europe / POL – KS Blokers Lodz 
Europe / DEN – KFIF 

  • 2) Main tournament (8 participants) – Saturday, 17 May, Brno
Europe / CZE – TJ Sokol SDS Exmost Modřice
Europe / SVK – NK DPMK Košice 
Europe / FRA – Tennis-Ballon Olonnais 
Europe / SUI – FTC Villars-Sur-Glane 
America / CAN – FC Montreal 
Asia / KOR – Club champion 
1st team from qualification 
2nd team from qualification 

Draw into groups
The official draw of the tournament took place on 17 April in Modřice. The draw was performed by the Mayor of Modřice, Mr Josef Šiška and the Chairman of TJ Sokol SDS Exmost Modřice, Mr Petr Jahoda, in the presence of UNIF Vice-President Mr Kamil Kleník. The draw was supervised by Mr Vlastimil Stehlík, Head of UNIF Technical Committee. 

Video from the draw 

During the day on Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, there will be a qualification with 4 teams, two of them will advance to the main competition which will take place on Saturday, 17 May, from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm, with 8 teams (including 2 from the qualification). The playing format will be 1 double,  1 triple and 1 single (in this order).

UNIF Congress

The Club World Cup will take place in two Brno, but a very important role in the organisation of the event is also played by the town of Modřice which will provide accommodation for the participants and will also be the venue of UNIF Extraordinary General Assembly. The congress will be held on 16 May at 19.30 at Modřice’s town hall. 

The main points on the agenda are statutory amendments regarding the change of UNIF’s seat and the elections to fill the vacancies in UNIF Executive Board as well as that of UNIF President. Election of the host country of World Championships that should take place in November or December 2014  and the vote on the admission of new countries (Canada, Hungary and South Korea) will also be on the agenda.

Zuzana Vinanska
UNIF General Secretary

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