Welcome to Canada, Hungary and South Korea!


With the admission of three new nations by the delegates of UNIF Congress, the number of UNIF members rises to 20 countries covering 5 continents. UNIF Congress was attended by 18 countries and particularly encouraging was the presence of several overseas delegations.  

Minutes of UNIF General Assembly 2014

UNIF Extraordinary Assembly was held on 16 May, on the eve of UNIF Club World Cup, in the meeting room of Modřice Town Hall. It was attended by 18 countries, including one representation by proxy. Of this number, there were 11 Full Members, 2 Associate Members, 3 candidate countries and 2 observers. 

The main news was the admission of three new Full Members – Canada, Hungary and South Korea. All three countries are a great promise for the future and at previous UNIF events have shown great interest in the development of futnet.

As a traditional futnet country with many achievements on the international stage, Hungary brings into UNIF the quality and experience of its players in all the categories. Canada has made a great progress with its national teams and proved a skillful organiser with Mondial Soccertennis last year. Last but not least, with South Korea, UNIF gains a very strong player in the Asian part of futnet world where four million people play jokgu (Korean-style futnet). 

Observers to the Congress came from Latvia and Romania. While in Latvia futnet is still its initial stage, Romania is one of futnet superpowers and thanks to the structural changes in in leading positions in Romanian futnet, there is a strong chance that Romania will soon become a part of UNIF family. 

The delegates also voted in the elections to fill in the vacant positions in UNIF Executive Board, including that of UNIF President since its previous President David Solano resigned late last year. The new UNIF president was elected the current Vice-President Kamil Klenik (Czech Republic), the new Vice-President Vincent Kolly (Switzerland) and members of the Executive Board Pavel Masek from Denmark and Huen Yeong Shin of South Korea. 

UNIF Executive Board: Kamil Klenik, Vincent Kolly, Abdelkrim Abour, Pavel Masek, Shin Huen Yeong
UNIF General Secretary: Zuzana Vinanska
UNIF Treasurer: Abdelkrim Abour

From the technical point of view, the main point was the approval of change of UNIF’s registration from France to the Czech Republic where futnet is the most stable environment and Czech Futnet Association has the full support of all the sports authorities, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Czech Olympic Committee. 

The delegates also approved to adjust annual UNIF membership fees: 
Full and Provisional Members - 400 EUR (note that, at the same time, EFTA membership fee was reduced to 100 EUR from 250 EUR)
Associate Members - 250 EUR

As regards UNIF events, Canada presented its bid to host World Championships at the end of this year and will confirm the exact dates in June.

Zuzana Vinanska
UNIF General Secretary

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