1st Team World Cup on 28-30 November


On 28-30 November 2014, 1st Team World Cup will be held in the Czech Republic, in the Sport Centre in Brandys nad Labem, not far from the famous city of Prague.

UNIF Congress in May decided to award the hosting of Men’s World Championships 2014 to Canada. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances beyond organiser’s control, earlier this month Canadian Futnet Association notified UNIF that it would not be possible for them to stage the event later this year.

Nevertheless, futnet fans can still look forward to a top international event this year as 1st Team World Cup for Men will take place on 28-30 November in the Czech Republic.

Team World Cup will be a team competition for national teams with, most probably, the following format: single-double-triple-(double-single) To win the match, the team has to win 3 sub-matches. The players in the second double and the second individual player must be different from the first double and first single player. That means, the team needs at least 4 players in total. The exact format would be confirmed by UNIF Technical Committee asap.

If the new competition format is successful both with players and fans, it is possible that World Championships by Disciplines and Team World Cup will alternate every two years (in 2014 Team World Cup, in 2016 World Championships by Disciplines...).

More information will be available soon. 

Zuzana Vinanska
UNIF General Secretary

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