UNIF Futnet World Championships 2015 - Women and U21 Men


We are pleased  to announce that on 8-11 October 2015, UNIF Futnet World Championships - Women and U21 Men will take place in the town of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

UNIF has been in negotiation with Romanian partners for some time and on 3 July, UNIF delegation composed of Mr Kamil Klenik, Mr Vlastimil Stehlik - in the picture with Mr Bogdan Sorin and Mr Gheorghe Gradinaru - and Mr Jiri Sladek met with the Romanian counterparts in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss the terms and conditions of the organisation of the championships. The meeting was successful, so the players and fans can be looking forward to a top international event in these two categories.

Last UNIF Futnet World Championships - Women and U21 Men took place in 2012 in the Czech Republic and UNIF's intention is to hold this top international event every two years, alternating with the Men's World Championships. That means that next year it will be Men's World Championships and the Czech Republic has already shown interest to organise it in November 2016 in the town of Brno.

At Women's and U21 WCH, both categories are open to countries from all over the world and are held in the three futnet disciplines – single, double and triple – so there are as many as six sets of medals to give away. The maximum number of participants in each category and discipline is 12.The official invitation together with the application form will be sent out to the countries in the coming days.

We are also very pleased that this top event will be held in a country that has recently become a member of UNIF. In accordance with Art 5.4 of the Statutes on admission of new members between General Assemblies, UNIF Executive Committee approved Romanian Futnet Association as a Full Member of UNIF, subject to confirmation at next Congress.

Romanian partners have been working with UNIF for a few years, taking part at European Futnet Championships - U21 Men in 2013 as well as the World Cup in 2014. Romanian team of Tengo Salonta has taken part in European club competition Interliga 2014 and 2015. Romanian representatives were also present at UNIF Congress in 2014 as observers. Last but not least, as stated above, Romania is now ready to host UNIF Futnet World Championships - Women and U21 Men in October 2015. All these efforts are highly appreciated.

Congratulations and welcome to Romania in UNIF! We are happy to have you with us and looking forward to the UNIF Futnet World Championships - Women and U21 Men in your country!

                      Women's final in single at World Championships 2012


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary


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