Preparations for World Championships in full swing


The top futnet event of the year starts in less than 5 months and the organising committee heightens their efforts. Lots of good news have been announced recently. Brno is quickly becoming the world’s capital city of futnet for 2016! 

Past few months have brought some very interesting news which are briefly reviewed below. For more information follow the official World Championships webpage

 - The Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Ms Kateřina Valachová, granted her personal auspices to UNIF Futnet World Championships 2016.

- National and regional authorities – Ministry of Education,Youth and Sports, City of Brno and South Moravian Region – support the event both financially and organisationally.

- We have 15 applications for participation, including new Russian Futnet Association, which is to be formed in the coming months.

- Czech Futnet Association organised an official press conference where a special promotion TV spot was first played. The spot included not only top futnet players but also top Czech actor Miroslav Donutil and one of the biggest patriots of Brno – football player Petr Švancara

- Sale of tickets started in the middle of June and we have sold more than 800 tickets so far. Czech futnet fans are very eager to see the best teams in action.

- Organisers have also launched the Futnet Tour 2016. This series of events will take place in all regions of Czech Republic and should further promote the championships. One of the events included will be the Olympic Park in Lipno, major fan zone in South Bohemia organised by Czech Olympic Committee during the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro

- All futnet players and especially fans remember the very popularmascot Viktor from Nymburk 2012 championships. Organisers prepared a special mascot this time. The design will be announced in August.

General information about the championships are available at For more information follow our Futnet World facebook profile .


Jiri Sladek

Main coordinator of UNIF Futnet World Championships 2016