Promotion and Development Committee


We are pleased to announce the creation of UNIF Promotion and Development Committee in line with Art 34.2 of UNIF Statutes. The Committee shall be composed of a President and two members.

UNIF Promotion and Development Committee:
President: Jiri Sladek (Czech Republic)
Member: Juanjo Bernal Cirre (Basque Country)
Member: Guillame Ortis (France)

The composition has been approved by UNIF Executive Board. New members may be added at UNIF Congress in Brno later in November.

Main objectives of the Committee:

  • raise awareness of UNIF membership and activities
  • seek contacts in new countries
  • explore existing opportunities to raise funds for UNIF and its events
  • communicate and negotiate with potential sponsors and partners

Currently, the Committee through its member Mr Juanjo Bernal is exploring the options for cooperation with several companies and sports agencies.

Mr Bernal leads also promotional  and development activities within the World Futsal Association (AMS) under the auspices of which, for example, the first Premier Futsal league is starting in India this week with the participation of some former stars of international football such as Ronaldinho, Paul Scholes or Ryan Giggs.

Mr Bernal’s combined efforts in futsal and futnet should also see meetings and negotiations taking place with companies and sports agencies such as Globalia (a leading company in tourist industry, especially in the Spanish-speaking world), ESA Audiovisuales (audiovisual production company specializing in sports and new technologies) and Virtual AD.

The Committee is also in contact with possible new members of UNIF from Russia and Italy who should be present later on this year at UNIF Futnet World Championships on 18-20 November.


Zuzana Viňanská

UNIF General Secretary