New ball for 2016 World Championships


New futnet ball specially designed for 2016 UNIF Futnet World Championships has been developed by the Czech company GALA.

A new type of material named ECOLORICA has been used, consisting of polyamide and polyurethane. This material has the same features as natural leather, replicating also its structure. This makes it very soft to touch, but at the same time elastic, waterproof and abrasion resistant.

Black-and-white panels have been used to enhance the visibility of the ball and of its rotation. Special coating of the surface is designed to prevent the print and the outer material wearing away too quickly.

To ensure the best features, the new ball has been tested by selected Czech and foreign players since early this year. One of these players was Jiri Doubrava, member of the preliminary Czech squad for the World Championships:

"We received a new futnet ball which felt really good to play from the very first training and especially the rotation was very visible which definitely helps the players. We have tried several material options and the final combination of materials chosen for the new ball is the best both for indoor as well as outdoor use. Among the players the ball has been nicknamed Mickey Mouse for its prominent black features."

The new ball will officially be used for the first time at UNIF Futnet World Championships 2016. Itwill be on sale at GALA stand and after the championships available also through other GALA platforms.

GALA’s motto for the new ball is "All for the satisfaction of players and joy of the game". Let us hope that the new ball will deliver on this motto.


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary