UNIF Club World Cup 2017


Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF) together with Czech club champion SK Liapor Witte Karlovy Vary and with support of Czech Futnet Association will organise 2nd edition of UNIF Club World Cup on 10 June 2017 in the town of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

The competition is aimed at league or cup club champions or the best club nominated by the national association from UNIF member countries only.

One of the world's top players Jan Vanke plays for Karlovy Vary

Main part of tournament will be held on Saturday, 2017 June 10th in Karlovy Vary (CZE). Depending on the number of the teams registered for the competition, if necessary, a qualifying tournament will be organised on Friday, 2017 June 9th in Karlovy Vary.

Maximum number of participants is ten (10) teams. Six (6) seeded to main tournament and four (4) play the qualification stage. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017.

You can check out the official website of the UNIF Club World Cup 2014 which was won by the club of TJ Sokol Modrice from the Czech Republic.

Playing system
Main tournament – Saturday, June 10th 08,00 – 15,30 h
In sports hall with two (2) courts, matches in two (2) basic groups. Each group has four (4) teams, which play mutually. It is three (3) games for every team in this order: single, double, triple. For every set won, the team receives one point.

Final stage – Saturday, June 10th 16,00 – 20,00 h
In Sports hall with one (1) central court ´both semifinal matches and one (1) final match will be played (match for 3rd place will not be played). It is max. five (5) matches for every team in this order: 1.single, 1.double, triple, 2.double, 2.single. For every game one, the team receives one point. The team that wins three (3) game points is the winner.

Criteria for advancing to semifinals
In both groups the first two teams with most set points from both groups advance to the semifinals.


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary