Italy - a new member of UNIF


We are very pleased to welcome a new member country in UNIF after the Executive Board approved the Associate Membership of ITALY. Congratulations!

Italy is represented by Mr Emilio Macchia who also led his team at UNIF Futnet World Championships 2016. Together with another team mate Lorenzo Ammirabile he also took part in the recent futnet camp in the Czech Republic.

Mr Macchia promotes futnet in Italy through an organisation called CSEN - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale which is an entity recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee. He is CSEN's national representative/ contact person for futnet (calciotennis). The aim of Italian representatives is to achieve an official recognition for futnet in Italy.

Various futnet activities are planned in Italy this year with the support of CSEN, most notably an international futnet camp on 17-20 August in Villa Castelli with the presence of French futnet team national coach Guillaume Ortis.

Associate Membership is aimed at clubs or organisations carrying out futnet activities (entities promoting futnet) in countries or independent territories where there is no  national  association  recognised  by  UNIF. Associate  Membership  shall  lapse when a properly  constituted national association in that country is admitted to UNIF. Associate Members have the same rights as Full Members except for the right to vote and be voted at UNIF Congress.

Once again, congratulations to Italy and welcome to our futnet family!


Zuzana Vinanska

UNIF General Secretary