EMERALD CUP 2017 in Feldkirch / Austria


Second Emerald Cup will be taking place on 7 October 2017 in Feldkirch, Austria, with the participation of Austria, Germany, Ukraine and Ireland. The tournament will be played in doubles and triples.

The Emerald Cup was “born” in Ireland in 2016 and the first editionof the tournament took place in Dublin in April 2016. The idea of ​​the Emerald Cup is to play a tournament against roughly equal nations in order to improve their own playing strength and gain international experience with regard to European Championships and World Championships.

Since the first edition was enthusiastically received in all the participating teams (Ireland, England, Germany, Denmark and Austria), the Austrian Futnet Association ÖFTV decided to hold a second edition of the Emerald Cup. The venue is located in Feldkirch, in western Austria, on the border to Switzerland and Germany.

Even if the date in October is not ideal for some nations (too close to the U21 World championships in November), several nations have nevertheless been found.

Date: 7 October 2017
Location: Feldkirch / Austria, Sporthalle Oberau
Participating nations: Austria, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, (England and Denmark have unfortunately pulled out at short notice)
Organizer: FTC Feldkirch (Austrian Futnet Association ÖFTV)
Disciplines: Double, Triple
Overall rating: "Emerald Cup"

Info, results and photos for the "Emerald Cup 2017" will be presented on the Facebook page of the FTC Feldkirch. www.facebook.com/ftcfeldkirch


Thomas Lercher

Futnet Austria