New ball for 2016 World Championships


New futnet ball specially designed for 2016 UNIF Futnet World Championships has been developed by the Czech company GALA. Read More

Promotion and Development Committee


We are pleased to announce the creation of UNIF Promotion and Development Committee in line with Art 34.2 of UNIF Statutes. The Committee shall be composed of a President and two members. Read More

Preparations for World Championships in full swing


The top futnet event of the year starts in less than 5 months and the organising committee heightens their efforts. Lots of good news have been announced recently. Brno is quickly becoming the world’s capital city of futnet for 2016!  Read More

The Emerald Cup


Last Saturday morning in the small university town of Maynooth, 20 teams from 5 different countries competed for Ireland’s first international futnet tournament, The Emerald Cup. Austria, Denmark, England, Germany descended into Maynooth University Sport Hall each with 4 teams all hoping for glory. Over the course of the next 10 hours there would be 47 matches played to see who will take home the Emerald Cup. Read More

Humenne offered magnificent futnet experience


European Championships 2015 in Humenné is over and it is time to look back.

Town of Humenné was an excellent host of the EuropeanChampionships and offered great level of service to all players and officials.Hotel Alibaba was a perfect base for the tournament, the Municipal Sports Hall was an ideal venue for the competition and the spectators? Awesome is the rightword to decribe them. Read More

World Championships 2016 will be hosted by Czech Republic


Hotel Ali Baba in Humenné was the venue of the Extraordinary General Assembly of UNIF. The Congress among other business elected Czech Futnet Association as the host of World Championships 2016 in men’s category. Read More